EFFECTIVE Legal Services:

Obtaining high-quality legal advice can be extremely costly. Hourly rates of partners in top firms are punitive, and even if you are able to engage a top-tier firm, you may not be able to afford for the work to be done exclusively by an experienced practitioner.

We have wide experience not only of advising businesses but also running them. As a result, we are able to provide highly focused legal advice with a commercial business perspective.

Our commitment is to provide a personal service of the highest quality to achieve the most effective result both in terms of legal outcome and cost.

"I welcome this initiative which provides a much-needed counterweight to burgeoning legal costs and will once again put the interests of the clients first."

Robin Fox Former Group Vice Chairman Kleinwort Benson Group

"A brilliant business model offering extremely high quality legal advice at cost levels which provide unbeatable value."

Izak Oosthuizen Managing Director Zhero Limited

"A winning combination of extremely commercial high quality legal advice, fast turn-around and extraordinary value for money, all provided with a personal human touch."

Bill Ritchie Finance Director InvestUK (Holdings) Limited