Quality and value

We provide top quality work in our areas of expertise of a standard that is not less than the standard expected of a top City firm.

Whether you are a private individual or a corporate client we provide a personal service which is tailored to meet your objectives and agreed budget.

Our fees are substantially less than those charged by a City firm. We work on a full-spectrum charging basis with no fees chargeable for an initial consultation and either a fixed-rate for a given assignment or an hourly rate with an initial estimate of the time taken to complete the assignment.

In order to enable our clients to monitor the costs they are incurring in relation to our assistance and to avoid presenting them with large bills we operate solely on an advance retainer basis. When any advance has been applied, we ask for payment of a further advance in order to be able to continue to provide advice and assistance. This ensures that our clients are at all times in credit and do not have to worry about being presented with a large bill which they cannot afford to pay.

What we advise on.

Please note that we do not advise on conveyancing or property law, family law, crime, immigration, wills or probate.

We do advise on the following areas:

  • media and intellectual property law;
  • corporate law;
  • commercial law;
  • financing and taxation;
  • dispute resolution.

Client verification.

Before accepting instructions from any corporate client, we need to receive evidence of the incorporation and good standing of the corporate entity together with evidence of the authority of the individual instructing us. In the case of a United Kingdom corporate entity we will obtain this evidence from Companies House. In addition, we will need to verify the identity of the director or other person instructing us and retain a copy of their passport or photo-driving licence which we shall also require together with a recent utility bill from any private individual retaining our services.

Initial consultation.

We require full details of any matter in which our advice is being sought before we accept any client or commit to provide any advice. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Persons wishing to obtain an initial consultation should provide the information requested on the Initial Consultation Request Form. You can download a pdf version of the form here and email the completed form to info@ effectivelegalservices.com.

Or you can complete and submit the Initial Consultation Request Form