The range of media and intellectual property services covers the entire creative industries sector

  • authors’ rights;
  • development and production;
  • film and television;
  • financing and distribution;
  • gaming;
  • merchandising;
  • music publishing;
  • product endorsement and sponsorship;
  • publishing
  • recording industry agreements;
  • theatre.

The advice ranges from complex international copyright and related rights issues to guidance on basic commercial terms. We have a highly protective attitude to our clients and aim to protect them from personal liability and unfair exploitation while at the same time providing them with both value for money and peace of mind.

Corporate and commercial services comprise everything you need to establish and run a commercial venture in the United Kingdom and include

  • establishing corporate structure;
  • director agreements;
  • shareholder agreements;
  • joint venture agreements;
  • terms of business;
  • confidentiality agreements;
  • acquisition and sale of companies;
  • restructuring and disposing of businesses;
  • employment of personnel;
  • restrictive covenants;
  • commercial management of disputes.

Financing and taxation services cover both personal and corporate matters and include:

  • raising finance for businesses;
  • implementing the most tax-effective structure;
  • protecting personal assets and business property.

Many disputes are capable of resolution following the intervention of a third party. Where money is owed there are a number of steps which can be taken which will often assist a debtor to pay what they owe without resorting to the court process.

In the case of contractual disputes which do not involve the payment of money an independent analysis of the problem will sometimes reveal a means of resolving the dispute without legal process. Where this is not possible our services permit EFFECTIVE clients with our assistance directly to instruct specialist barristers under the Bar Public Access Scheme.

This method of dealing with disputes gives our clients effective control over the resolution of any dispute or legal proceedings in which they are involved. This produces substantial costs savings for them. We aim to eliminate at least 50% of the costly routine procedural work normally carried out by solicitors. In many instances this routine procedural work adds nothing to the legal advice and advocacy services which are already being provided by barristers whom solicitors have instructed.

We do not treat litigation as a procedure which has to be followed right to the bitter end regardless of cost. We manage all disputes with a view to achieving the best resolution. This is achieved either by way of settlement or if that is not an option by minimising the costs of going to court. Not all solicitors’ firms seek to minimise the costs incurred by their clients.

EFFECTIVE Legal Services Limited does not act as a solicitors’ firm and does not carry out any reserved legal activity within the meaning of the Legal Services Act 2007. It does, however, provide its clients with a legally-EFFECTIVE and cost-EFFECTIVE means of resolving disputes.